Safe for use in water supply systems
Durable and Impact Resistant
Made to withstand abuses and surge pressure events
Longer Life Cycle
Estimated service life is more than 50 years with proper installation
Easy to handle and transport thus lowering installation costs
Suited for use in uneven grounds and in earthquake-prone areas
Can be connected by several jointing methods which form strong and leak-tight joints
High Flow Capacity
Smooth interior wall is maintained throughout the pipe’s service life ensuring good hydraulic pressure
Resistant to Scaling and Biological Build-Up
Does not support growth of biological agents and scale deposits in the pipe’s wall
Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
Does not react with other chemicals and can be used even in harsh environmental conditions
Abrasion Resistant
Has low coefficient of friction because of the pipe’s smooth internal surface contributing to its longer life
Weather Resistant
Black HDPE pipe with the addition of carbon black is protected from degradation due to ultraviolet rays


Potable water distribution system agriculture and irrigation system
Subducts for telecommunication lines
Sewer and drainage system
Industrial and waste water treatment plants
Suction and delivery of pumps
Air-conditioning and ventilation ducts
Gas distribution system
Tailings disposal from mining operation
Sand and slurry disposal in dredging operation
Handling of boiler ash
Conveyance of iron ore
Conveyance of corrosive chemicals and acid wastes
Conveyance of marine effluents
Conveyance of milk, fruit juices, edible oil, and other food products

Jointing Methods

Unidex High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Jointing Methods Diagram Compression :   Available sizes 20mm to 110mm
  Non-Loose Component
Butt Fusion :   Available sizes 63mm to 1,200mm
Mechanical :   Avaialble sizes 63mm to 1,200mm
Push-On :   Available sizes 90mm to 315mm
Electrofusion :   Available sizes 20mm to 1,000mm
Socket Fusion :   Available sizes 20mm to 63mm