Unidex PVC Sheet Pile is the new standard in sheet piling providing high quality, cost effective solutions. This modern alternative provides superior value compared to traditional materials such as steel, concrete and wood. It is better in terms of cost, durability, ease of handling and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.


  • Cost Efficiency
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile’s cost per meter is lower compared to other alternatives. It is also easier to install and no maintenance is required leading to overall better cost management.
  • Easier Installation and Transportation
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile’s lightweight characteristic makes it easier to handle. It can be 40 times lighter per square meter compared to steel sheet piles.
  • Long-Term Protection
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile does not require maintenance due to its superior resistance to rust, cracking, spalling, scratching, abrasion, sea water, harmful UV rays, and majority of chemicals.
  • Resistant to Rodents & Marine Borers
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile is unaffected by rodents and small mollusks or crustaceans in the ocean which causes deterioration on traditional timber piling.
  • UV Resistant
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile is especially formulated to be resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Aesthetics
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile maintains its original appearance over time.

Product Profile and Data Sheet


  • Flood Control
    Unidex PVC Sheet Piles can be utilized for flood protection structures such as flood walls, dikes or levees, and for stabilization of dams. It can be used either as a stand-alone system, to increase the height of an existing dike, or as part of a terraced multi-wall system. It can also help in preventing dike failures such as overtopping, piping of stratum or internal seepage.
  • Containment & Cut-Off Systems
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile can be used to manage the flow and seepage of underground fluids effectively creating a barrier. This can be applied to protect structures and to isolate ecologically vulnerable areas. It is also used to seal dikes and to avoid perforation of rodents.
  • Retaining Walls
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile as retaining walls can be used in construction excavations, road constructions or as a retaining wall to terrace a sloped surface.
    • Construction Excavation – Unidex PVC Sheet Piles prevents cave-ins during construction and also protects the foundation from subterranean water.
    • Road Construction – Using Unidex PVC Sheet Pile allows for the construction of a shoulder as well as protects bridge abutments and road supports from subterranean water.
    • Creation of a Terrace from Sloped Surface – Using Unidex PVC Sheet Pile allows for sloped surfaces to be used effectively.
  • Shore Protection
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile can be used to control erosion at the shoreline caused by waves or tidal action. This prevents the shoreline from receding and also enables the property to be used effectively.
  • Water Control & Canal Stabilization
    Unidex PVC Sheet Pile can be used to manage water resources by controlling the flow of water in ponds, rivers, reservoir, canals or irrigation channels.